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Meet Scot(t) Ninneman(n), All Five Of Us

There are at least four other Scot(t) Ninneman(n)s out there, and between us we've covered most of the possible spelling options...

I'm Scot Ninnemann, a songwriter living Billings, Montana. This is my Web site, where you'll find many of my songs. I also do Internet strategy for Habitat for Humanity International. You might also know me from Chapel Hill, N.C. or Americus, Ga. I grew up mostly in the Minneapolis and San Diego areas.

"Scot Ninneman" is usually me showing up in guitar tabulature credits without one of my N's.

Scott Ninnemann appears to be the president of a county Farm Bureau in Wisconsin.

"Scott Ninneman" could be one of three different people:
  • One lives in southern California, works as a contractor and has played professional baseball.
  • Another Scott Ninneman seems to live in Washington and run in quite a lot of races.
  • And a third Scott Ninneman lives in Portland and owns a business selling nursery plants.

All songs and lyrics appear by permission and are (C),
(P) Scot Ninnemann except as noted. All rights reserved.