Latest News (28 February 2013)

New album out now! The Innocents Abroad is finally complete! It's a 14-song CD drawing on a wide variey of styles. Jenifer sings most of the songs involving travel in one way or another. The other half, which I mostly sing, is largely about the struggle to figure out what "love" is and decide who to be with. It's funny how you start writing songs, and then a general theme appears...

The track line-up:

Somebody's Bound To
Then I Was Back
Eighth-Grade Hopeful
The Good Kids
This Boy Is Not Sane
The Emily Dickinson Game
Oh, Her? We're Just Friends
Thanks For Your Note
Study Abroad
While You Were Out
Desu Ka?
Tollbooth Girl
Watching the Trees
Scale Exercise

I'm also playing guitar and singing with Ellen and the Old School. Check our website for upcoming details. (Speaking of websites, this one needs a redesign...)

All songs and lyrics appear by permission and are (C),
(P) Scot Ninnemann except as noted. All rights reserved.