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Garbage MP3s

Garbage is a project started by my friend Kaptain Karl, who you may have heard playing trombone on several of my songs. Karl invited fellow musicians to take his simple song idea and mutate it into whatever they see fit.

I've recorded something like a dozen versions as a string of fake bands, usually in the style of whatever group or songwriter whose work I was obsessed with at the moment. Here are MP3s of some of my favorites.

  • The Innocents UK ('80s melodic synth-pop)
  • Kaiser Wilhelm (Scottish new wave/art-rock)
  • The Slytherin Quidditch Team, singing "Ron Weasley" (Potter Rock)
  • Les Tropicalistes (sample-heavy* Brazilian/French '60s rock)
  • the knockout punch (indie guitar hero rock)
  • The Mahones (belligerent Irish folk)
  • The Jimmy Carters (sample-heavy* '90s hipster party music)

    Next up on deck:
    Proximity Effect (New York indie rock)
    Mike Pennell (hyperliterate '90s songwriter rock)

  • * Note to lawyer types: yes, the two starred tracks above contain samples, but they exist for educational purposes only.
    They are not for sale, have never been for sale, and will never be for sale. K thx bye.

    All songs and lyrics appear by permission and are (C),
    (P) Scot Ninnemann except as noted. All rights reserved.