Sunny yet wistful guitar pop about love and wandering around

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  • Album notes from behind the scenes

             Side One: Then
    1.   Somebody's Bound To
    mp3   lyrics   notes   Retro orchestral popLead vocals: Jenifer   
    2.   Then I Was Back
    mp3lyricsnotes   Experimental acoustic, vocal layersLead vocals: Scot
    3.   Eighth-Grade Hopeful
    mp3lyricsnotes   Guitar-happy raging hormonesLead vocals: Scot
    4.   The Good Kids
    mp3lyricsnotes   Power pop with an undertowLead vocals: Scot
    5.   This Boy Is Not Sane
    mp3lyricsnotes   Late 1964 UKLead vocals: Scot
    6.   The Emily Dickinson Game
    mp3lyricsnotes   Off-kilter, crunchy guitars, vocal layers   Lead vocals: Jenifer
    7.   Oh, Her? We're Just Friends   
    mp3lyricsnotes   Buoyant, bouncy teen angstLead vocals: Jenifer
    8.   Thanks For Your Note
    mp3lyricsnotes   Rolling, layered acoustic guitarsLead vocals: Scot
             Side Two: There
    9.   Study Abroad
    mp3lyricsnotes   Punchy, energetic, guitar-happyLead vocals: Jenifer
    10.   While You Were Out
    mp3lyricsnotes   Eclectic, whimsical, head bobbingLead vocals: Jenifer
    11.   Desu Ka?
    mp3lyricsnotes   Goofy Japanese guitar popLead vocals: Both
    12.   Tollbooth Girl
    mp3lyricsnotes   Sunny, old-school power popLead vocals: Both
    13.   Watching The Trees
    mp3lyricsnotes   Mellow, sparse, piano-drivenLead vocals: Scot
    14.   Scale Exercise
    mp3notes   Melodic instrumental, evolves--

    Scot Ninnemann and Jenifer Parks

    Featured musicians:
    Melissa Kotacka - Trumpet
    Kaptain Karl - Trombone
    Joanne Ninnemann - Violin
    Marcia Vandesteeg - Cello
    Low brass on Then I Was Back:
    Sam Hamm - Tuba
    Phil Jensen - Center Trombone
    Kaptain Karl - Right Trombone
    Tony Hammond - Left Trombone

  • All songs and lyrics appear by permission and are (C),
    (P) Scot Ninnemann except as noted. All rights reserved.